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Cheese Safety series.

We're pleased to announce that one of Canada's most respected cheese-academics, Dr. Art Hill, has written a series of articles about cheese safety, aimed at cheese-makers.

Cheese safety 101 part 1 A description of risk

Cheese safety 101 part 2 Which bugs do what.

Cheese safety 101 part 3 Where do they come from?

Cheese safety 101 part 4 The Beauty of Fermentation.

Cheese safety 101 part 5 Hot Stuff: the importance of temperature history to cheese quality


Further topics to be covered:

Part 6. Salt is not just about flavour.
Part 7. Bacterial hurdles  (A summary of how the cheese maker can adjust physical factors to synergistically control bacterial growth.

James Keith (Back Forty Artisan Cheese) has written an article about setting up a small scale laboratory for microbial testing.